What you missed at last nights meeting

It was our first meeting with our new Director Dirk !

We had a great meeting at LVHD.. Thank you to all that came out !
Here are our Monthly Winners:
$50 winners;
Barbara W.
Willi E.
Randy R.
Norma S.
Minnie W.
Steve L.
Phillipe D.
Debbie B.

$25 winners:
Dan W.
James M.
Susy H.
Kathy R.
Peggy J.
Robert B.
Patty S.
Rex D.
Steve L.
Tim T.
Roberto R.
Erica W.

We had two guest speakers from our sponsor LVHD:

Heather – Marketing Director – She thanked everyone for coming out to the John Fogerty ride even though it was not what they expected.  She appreciated everyone’s flexibility with that day!

Some upcoming events for the Dealership:
Jan 30th – New Owner Ride.. when they invite all those newly purchased bike owners out for a ride
Feb 27th – Movie Matinee at LVHD – “Take it to the limit”  will be playing free of charge – any monetary donation is donated to Prostate Cancer Research
March – Harley Davidson will be a sponsor for the Mountain West Basketball Tournament
March 11-12 – Demo days for the new 2016 models – volunteers will be needed for this event.

Fred – Service Manager – just wanted to introduce himself to everyone and make sure that they bring any issues and good reviews to his attention.  He is also a division of the parts department.  so ask him if you need anything. !

Dirk – This is our “20th Anniversary Year”   we became a chapter in 1996. We will be searching for the longest active member of our chapter

Assistant Director- Roddy, recognized our returning Ambassadors for 2016:
Cliff & Joan B.
Jim “Cruiser” J.
Jimmy M.
Joelle K.
Kendria A.
Mario T.
Philippe D.
Sharon D.
Wendy S.
Willi E.
Tracy T.
Sal S.
Donna Y. – photographer
Cinda G. – photographer

We had some guests for the meeting:
Joanna – Curtis – Stephanie – Desiree – Pam

Wayne – getting all the Charities information and will have more to report at the next meeting.

Steve – Dealership Rep:
you have one year to spend  your account at the dealership.. so lets all go shopping !!

Speedo – made a point to make sure the group understands that we do NOT run Red lights. Please follow all traffic laws while riding in the group..

SusyQ – LOH – Reminded everyone to bring your canned food donations to RRHD on saturday and at the next meeting on Feb 9th..  We would like to fill at least 2 pick up trucks ! If you can put a box at your office and ask for donations.. all is welcome !!

Kris – Activities – Please book all your overnighters  NOW !!   many rates are only held for a short amount of time.

We have many rides going through the National Parks this year.. please make sure you have the “America the Beautiful” park pass for the year ..  visit  http://www.nps.gov/findapark/passes.htm

We have some ‘Dave Freeman” Memorial Patches left if you still need to get one; – $10. Email Cliff if you need to reserve one.  Cliff@SNHOGLV.com