This weeks events for April 4th

In case you are looking at an old calendar.. we do NOT have the IRon Butt this weekend. It has been moved to May 7th-8th.  This coming up Saturday (April 9th) our Road Captains will be in a training session, So we moved the Iron Butt to next month.

We do have a ride on Sunday:
“New Member Ride” – Sunday April 10th
Hugs – n – Handshakes : 8:15am – 9am
Briefing : 9:00am
Leave : 9:15am
Location : RRHD

We will have a short briefing from our Road Captains prior to this ride to help any new members understand the concept of group riding.   We will have lunch afterwards sponsored by the Dealership.


Hot off the press! Bev has dedicated the entire issue to Tom W.. therefore you will see a lot of RED.. not only his favorite color.. but the color of his bike!   Go to the Newsletter page to download it.