This Weeks Events for April 25th

We have lots going on this week to finish off our April !

 “Speedo’s Mid Week Ride”  Thursday April 28th
Hugs – n- Handshakes :  7am – 7:45am
Briefing:         7:45 am
Leave:            8:00 am
Location:        ISK

Speedo leads this ride to someplace new for those that work weekends and want a ride during the week.. Join him.. it’s always a nice ride and usually ends up a great place to eat !


 “Laughlin River Run”  Friday April 29th
Hugs – n- Handshakes :   7:00am – 7:45am
Briefing:         7:45am
Leave:            8:00am
Location:        ABC

This will be a ONE WAY trip down to the River Run, once we are there, everyone is free to do as they please and enjoy the vendors, music and food !  Have a safe ride home on your own whenever you want.


“Nation of Patriots Golf Tournament”  Saturday April 30th
Location:  Red Rock Country Club

Thank you to all that have volunteered for this event.   It is our main fundraiser for the NOP charity.