Thanks for all your suggestions…..

The Board wants to thank everyone for all the suggestions that were submitted over the past few months.  We opened the box at our ‘All Officer Meeting” and dedicated time to all of them.

Please keep your suggestions coming!  If you have any thoughts about rides or restaurants for Meet-n-Eats, or just an idea to  make the chapter better please submit them at every General Membership meeting in the box at the back of the room.

We take the time to read each of them and some have already been implemented –

for example:
**we will be planning more Sunday rides,
**we are unable to EVER have cake at RRHD (some people just couldn’t keep the crumbs and frosting off the carpet..) so cookies it will be!
**we will plan some rides with later start times when the weather permits.


thanks again everyone!

Keep them coming –


Roddy – Director SNHOG