Survey for new shirts




We have extended the dead line to Tuesday July 21st because it is so close in the options. So if you are interested in one of these shirts please read this info and go to the survey or email Rick. Links are at the bottom of page.
SNHOG-Merchandise Pre-Order Survey
Here is YOUR opportunity to help select which SNHOG Chapter
T-Shirt is offered to members.

Options are either White or Black, Long or Short Sleeve (100% cotton)
* = Square Fee Cash/Check CCard (swipe)* CCard (manual)*
                                    Long Sleeve   40.00          41.25                        41.75
                                   Short Sleeve    35.00         36.00                         36.25
The HD authorized merchandise vendor has a minimum order requirement. We will not be
able to mix LS and SS or White and Black together to meet that number. Only one style and one color per minimum order.
I would like to know IF you were to purchase what sleeve length, color, size and quantity you would want or prefer. To do so…….

This survey will end at NOON on 07/21/2021
I made a survey link to get an idea of what people want. 
Go to the link and answer the survey. Please do this before 7/21/21
If you do reply to the survey right now you don’t need to email back. If you have questions or you don’t do the survey you can reply by email. Only do one please. 
Please send an email to me: including the information below. I will
compile the information you send to announce the selection as well as begin the pre-order / pre-pay process on July 21st.
Your name:
Long or Short Sleeve
Black or White
How many by size: (sizes are: S M L XL 2X 3X 4X)
If you have any specific questions please feel free to email me directly