Speedo’s Devil’s Hwy Ride – Routes

Bing Map Issues

It has been brought to my attention that there could be a problem opening the link in the route .pdf files sent for chapter rides.

The problem is Microsoft is encouraging the use of their ‘new’ Bing Maps. If Bing Maps on your compute is the ‘new’ Bing Maps, the link in the route .pdf files will open Bing Maps but the route will not be there. A route created in old Bing Maps will not open in new Bing Maps. I create routes for chapter rides in old Bing Maps because of the many issues I have found with the new Bing Maps.

To resolve the problem, left click the link in the route .pdf. When Bing Maps opens, if the route in not there, look in the lower right corner of the map. There will be a box with ‘Previous Version’. Left click the box, a pop-up will open; ‘How can we improve this version of Bing Maps?’, left click ‘Previous Version’ at the bottom of the pop-up. Then close Bing Maps, again left click the link in the route .pdf, and old Bing Maps will open with the route of the ride. The old Bing Maps should remain the default when Bing Maps are opened in the future.

You know you are using the old Bing Maps if there is a gold box at the top of the maps with ‘Try the new Bing Maps!’.

Sometimes during updates of my compute, Bing Maps gets reset to the new Bing Maps. If that happen, I just return to the previous version using the procedure above.

Attached are the routes for the ‘Speedo’s Devil’s Hwy Run’. If you are having problems opening routes in Bing Maps using the link in the route .pdf , use the above procedure to return to old Bing Maps.


Day 1 – ABC to Springerville
Day 2 – Devil’s Highway
Day 3 – Springerville to Blanding
Day 4 – Blanding to Torrey

Day 5 – Torrey to ISK