Santa Toy Ride this Saturday – IMPORTANT information

***** TOYS and Gift Cards NEEDED *****

Calling all holiday shoppers !
We just got confirmation that we will have 300 families at our toy give-away on Saturday – so needless to say – we want to make sure we have PLENTY OF TOYS and gift cards !

ages 1-12 – toys, toys, toys
ages 13+ – $25 gift cards to Target, Walmart, etc

As well as the hundreds of younger children, we are also expecting over 30 teenagers (for the gift cards)  and as of today we have collected 14  — so we will need more!

Maybe some of you can ask your co-workers to all bring one gift to you by Friday?

Remember that this is the ONLY Christmas many of these families will have – the medical bills and supplies that their loved ones need while fighting Childhood Cancer depletes most of their resources. 

Bring your donation to the ride on Saturday –
We will have a truck there to load all extra toys that don’t fit on the bikes. 
OR you can drop them off at the box at RRHD (located outside Mike’s office – the General Manager)

See EVERYONE on Saturday by 9:00 am at LVHD