*** SAN DIEGO information *** for all those going this weekend

For all those heading down to San Diego with the chapter in the morning, here is some information to help plan your time down there for your free day – “Sunday Funday”

Attached are  maps of some great rides that Speedo put together.
1, Coast Ride – up to Pipes Cafe and Back
2. Mountain Ride
3.  SD Hog Chapter ride with the local chapter

Trolley Information:
This it is a hop on/hop off tour trolley with lots of stops in the San Diego area.
There is a place to purchase the tickets and get on the trolley right there in Old Town.

Ride Safe !!
Have Fun !!

PDF Documents:
San Diego – Mountain Ride

San Diego – SD HOG Ride
San Diego – Pipes Cafe Ride
San Diego – Return from Pipes Cafe Ride