Rides we have planned for this week

This week we have 3 rides organized for everyone.

Speedo’s Mid Week Ride – October 24th – Tuesday

Hugs-n-Handshakes: 7:00am – 7:45am

Briefing: 7:45am

Leave: 8:00am

Location: ABC

Join this fun bunch of mid week riders on a casual ride – destination unknown.

Usually back in town by noon and will more than likely stop over somewhere to eat.

Nation of Patriots Ride to Nellis AFB – October 28th – Saturday

Hugs-n-Handshakes: 8:30am – 9:15am

Briefing: 9:15am

Leave: 9:30am

Location: ISK

Today is the day we get to give away all the money we raised this year..all $43,000 of it to some wounded vets that the Commander at Nellis AFB have chosen for us. We get to surprise them with gifts and a nice check. Join us for this emotional event and come meet these HERO’s and shake their hand!

You MUST get base clearance BEFORE this event so make sure you have been approved before this ride. There are specific rules as well, full gloves, no weapons etc… Stay Tuned for more details.

Annual Progressive Lunch – October 29th – Sunday RSVP needed !

Hugs-n-Handshakes: 10am – 10:45am

Briefing: 10:45 am

Leave: 11:00 am

Location: ISK

Price: $10 per person

(The fee helps reimburse those members that are preparing a course)

This is an annual fun day when we ask 3 members to open their homes for this event.

We will have 3 courses: Appetizer, Main Course & Dessert.

Please RSVP to this email to make sure we know you’re coming !