Ride365 Mileage Due !!

We want to end this year with an accurate 2019 GRAND TOTAL of miles for our Chapter.  This includes every SNHOG members even if you did not ride with the Chapter – your mileage still COUNTS !

We will be collecting everyone’s mileage on the last ride Saturday Dec 18th  when we go to the Pioneer Saloon.

If you are NOT going to make that ride –
Here are ways to get your mileage turned in:
1. RRHD – see DOMINIQUE, Sales Manager or HEATHER in Finance or RICK SAVAGE our SNHOG officer in sales.

  1. Email us your Vin # and current mileage and we can get it turned in for you.

Thank you everyone for a great year of riding !

Randy Roberts, 2018-2019 SNHOG Director