Patriot Tour BEGINS next week ! ALL the details HERE !!

Here are the details for the rides scheduled for the Nation of Patriot flag when it finally arrives next week !


*** Please Remember ***

“FLAG UP” – buy or borrow any size American flag for your bike!  We love to show up all decked out as we escort the special “Patriot Tour Flag” around town.  You don’t have to have a flag on your bike to ride.. its just an added bonus!


$$$ – this is a fundraising event so please have your monetary donation ready for each leg of these rides.  A collection will be taken before departure. We ask for a minimum of $5 per leg.




Tuesday July 11th – Flag arrives from California 

Hugs-n-Handshakes – 6:30 am – 7:15 am

Briefing:         7:15 am

Departure:     7:30 am

Location:        SILHC

This ride will go out to Jean and wait for the Flag to arrive from the Lancaster, CA Chapter.

After a short rest and gathering up of the two chapters we will continue into Las Vegas together.


Exchange Ceremony – 10:00am at RRHD 

Silent Auction – 10:30 am  – 12:30 pm

Lunch  – 11:00 am

Come by to watch the Flag arrive from the journey across the Mohave Desert with the motorcycle escorts from Lancaster, CA.  Meet the fellow HOG members that made the trip and then experience the ceremony as the Flag Bearer from California respectfully hands over the “American Flag” and all the duties it carries onto Melanie Stout our 2017 Flag Bearer.   Be here to show your support as Melanie accepts this responsibility for the next three days.  Bruce Murphy will also sing our National Anthem.



Wednesday July 12th – Flag Proclamation at City Hall

Hugs-n-Handshakes – 7:00 am – 7:45 am

Briefing:         7:45 am

Departure:     8:00 am

Location:  LVHD

 Travel down the Las Vegas Strip as we escort the Flag from LVHD to City Hall where we will have a Proclamation Ceremony approximately around 9:00am.  The flag will be raised in front of City Hall while our very own Bruce Murphy sings our National Anthem.. Don’t miss it!  (can you feel the goosebumps !!)



Ride onto Nellis AFB – for all those that got their Base Clearance

Hugs-n-Handshakes : 12:00 pm – 12:15 pm

Briefing:         12:15 pm

Departure:     12:30 pm

Location:  Old Walmart Parking Lot (Craig/Nellis)

We will escort the Flag onto the AFB where it will be flown up in a Pavehawk Helicopter and maybe a fighter jet.  While it is in the air, we will have a tour of the base.



Thursday July 13th – Departure for Kingman, AZ

Hugs-n-Handshakes: 8:30 am – 9:15 am

Briefing:         9:15 am

Departure:     9:30 am 

Location:  Henderson HD

Come help us escort the Flag to Kingman where we will be met by the Grand Canyon Chapter in Arizona to continue the journey.  We will have the ceremony at the Elks Lodge in Kingman, have lunch.  While some members will return to Vegas, others might follow the Flag into Williams and spend the night where there will be a parade and more activities on Friday July 14th.