*** Nellis AF Base Ride for Nation of Patriots ***

Well its our favorite time of the year, when we get to ride onto the base and honor the wounded vets chosen as our 2017 Nation of Patriots Recipients !

This ride will take place on Saturday October 28th –

(Time and place of departure will be finalized soon)

However, EVERYONE must be on the “Base Clearance List” before you can ride that day, so if you do not have a military ID that allows you access onto the base, you will need to email the below information to Bruce so he can get you on the list.
Bruce must have your information in plenty of time to get your clearance, so please just send him your information now.  Even if you are not sure you can attend the ride, just make sure you are on the list.
email to:
– Full name. (No nicknames or shorten forms of full name.)
– Date of Birth
– Social security number 
– Drivers license number and State issued.