Nation of Patriots starts THURSDAY !



The 2021 Patriot Tour 
Join us for all the below events as we celebrate the start of the Patriot Tour – We will launch ONE Flag that will travel to ALL 50 States on the back of a motorcycle.  Yes, it will FLY to Hawaii and Alaska but once on land the “Flag” will go directly onto a motorcycle.

May 13th Thursday2021 Patriot Tour Launch Ceremony to HI & AK         
3:00pm – staging motorcycles at Rainbow Family Park (O’Bannon/Oakey)
                    7151 W Oakey Blvd, LV, NV 89117      
3:45pm – Depart for RRHD                                  
4:00pm – 4:30pm – food truck at RRHD to purchase dinner
4:30pm – Present colors inside RRHD & Ceremony begins
The Official Flag arrives from Nation of Patriots Headquarters in Milwaukee to start the journey to Hawaii and Alaska.  
May 21st Friday – Hogs & Heifers Saloon Social
Location: 201 N 3rd St, LV, NV 89101
6:00pm – stop by this popular biker bar located downtown to hang out with other Nation of Patriots supporters.
May 22nd Saturday – Departure to Arizona for lower 48 States
Elks Lodge – 4100 Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas
7:30am – 8:00am – Breakfast (rsvp requested)
8:00am – 9:00am – Ceremony
9:30am – Departure for Kingman with POLICE ESCORT !
12:00pm – Lunch provided by Elks Lodge of Kingman
The Flag arrives from Hawaii and Alaska and we will start the lower 48 States by riding to Kingman. 
September 11th Saturday – Homecoming Ceremony
Elks Lodge, 4100 Charleston Blvd
more information to follow 
Please note:
 Each of the above rides are considered fundraising events so we ask for a $5 donation
EVERY time you escort the flag.