Nation of Patriots event over Memorial Day Weekend



  N.O.P. Event  

Hello wonderful supporters!

I would like to see if there is any interest in doing a “bike show” at Avamere Assisted Living near Cheyenne & Jones. A few years ago we gathered a bunch of riders, parked out front, said a few words & revved our engines to make a lot of noise for the residents. They absolutely LOVED it & have asked us to come back. The executive director is also a rider and would love to join in. They even grilled burgers and fed us last time. 
This is a wonderful opportunity to bring a big smile to residents’ faces while getting to visit with them, some of them veterans themselves. Another benefit is the residents of the facility right next door will get to enjoy the bikes and visits as well. 

Is there a preference on going over there Sat, Sun or Mon morning? 
PLEASE let me know if you can make it and what day works best for you.

 All bikes are welcome, of course. The more the merrier. 

Thank you,
Melanie Stout
West Regional Commander
Nation of Patriots – Nevada, Hawai’i & Alaska