Letter of Thank you to SNHOG


On Monday, February 19th while on a chapter ride to San Diego, CA, I received a message from home that my Dad was being transported via air flight from Pahrump to Las Vegas.  Not much more information than that was provided.  Steve and I packed up quickly and notified the group we’d need to head home early.  Gretchen, Randy, Kathy, Speedo, Glen Paul, Wendyand Sandy were right there with their famous SNHOG hugs and prayers.

I signed all of the consent forms and my Dad had emergency surgery the next morning;  my sister and I were by his side every day thereafter.  He fought like only a 20-year Navy Vet who served two tours in Vietnam can, but it wasn’t enough and we lost my Dad, the strongest man on the planet,March 3, 2018.

My AMAZING Steve immediately started working on a plan to honor my Dad in the most special way possible… a police and SNHOG escort joined by bikes from all over the valley.  The response was OVERWHELMING!  When we pulled into the parking lot at Palm on Main, I could not stop crying (and am crying again as I write this.)  Chester so kindly took an AWESOME group photo that I’ll forever treasure.  We started out toward Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery with our US flags proudly waving… looking back to see Speedo and Paul leading a group of the most WONDERFUL riders in the whole, wide world was the ultimate tribute to my Dad.

Words could never express the deep appreciation my family and I felt that day and the love Steve and I have for our SNHOG family.

Forever Grateful,
Lynn Barboza (Ritchey)