Last chance to order T-shirts




Hello All, 
Have you ordered your t-shirt from the survey that we did? This is your last chance. 

Thank you for those who have come to the dealerships as well as emailed me. We are falling a bit
short of minimum number to order in both colors.
To allow members additional time, the deadline for pre-order and pre-payment has been
extended to 5pm Friday, August 6 th .

To order please email me directly:;with ALL of the following information:
Phone Number
Color of shirt ordering (White or Black)
Number wanted by size: S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X,4X                 
How you would like to pay: Cash, Check or Credit Card
Cost per T-Shirt is $40.00 (all payment methods)
After I received your email, I will respond to you confirming you order and coordinate collection of

Note: minimum per color is 24 in order to order from vendor

ABSOLUTE DEADLINE for pre-ordering &amp; pre-payment will be 5pm FRIDAY Aug 6th

Thank you