Join us on our rides this week

Please join us for our rides that we have scheduled this week:

Speedo’s Mid-Week Ride – Wednesday, February 20th
Hugs-n-Handshakes: 8:00am – 8:45am
Briefing: 8:45am
Leave: 9:00am
Location: SILHC 
(Silverton Hotel/Casino)
Join Speedo and his mid-week riders as they ride off to part unknown! This is a very fun, casual, and some would say, “unsupervised ride”. We can be sure that it will be somewhere outside of the city and will involve food.

Peggy Sue’s Diner Mesquite – Saturday, February 23rd
Hugs-n-Handshakes: 8:00am
Briefing: 8:45am
Leave: 9:00am
Location: SSM 
(Speedway Exit & I-15 Speedee Mart)
A favorite ride with beautiful scenery on the way up to Peggy Sue’s 50’s diner in Mesquite for lunch. Mesquite is located in the Virgin River Valley occupying the northern side of the river and right next to the AZ state line.