Internet Calendar Subscription

You can subscribe to the Southern Nevada HOG calendar and have our events and activities shown in your own calendar at work, at home and on your phone!

Internet Calendar Subscriptions directions change based on the software that you are using and/or the type of hardware or phone. Perform a search in Google for instructions that are specific to you.

We CAN NOT offer any technical support for this as there are so many variations to deal with.

Subscribing only adds a link to the calendar, it will not overwrite anything in your current calendar and if you ever desire, unsubscribing will erase all events from your calendar automatically.

The public link that you will subscribe to is, sometimes just clicking on the link below is enough to subscribe to it.

NOTE : It is important that you understand the difference between Subscribing to the calendar as opposed to just Adding or importing events.
Subscribing to the calendar will allow you to see events as they get added or changes to existing events as they are modified. This is called a iCal Subscription or an ICS Subscription.


If you Add or Import the events to your calendar, you are adding a copy of the in its current state, to your existing calendar. You will not get any new events as they are added or changes to existing events. Adding or importing the calendar again to current updates could result in multiple copies of the same event in your calendar.


 *** Disclaimer *** is not responsible for any loss or damaged data. The Officers and members of do not offer any technical support. Events and Activities in the calendar are subject to change last moment.