HOG Roadside Assistance Program



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HOG Roadside Assistance Program

As a follow-up to the Road America information I discussed at the General Meeting, here is additional information.

The program is now administered by the Cross Country Motor Club. Current subscriptions under Road America will remain in effect and will not need to be renewed until the current expiration date. 

Here is a link to the subscription/renewal web page:
However, this link does not seem to work until you have renewed once with the new company.  You will need to call first – That phone number is 1-800-262-7262.

If you call now, they will take your information but they will advise you to call again the month before the expiration date.
They no longer ask for vehicle information (make, model, VIN, etc.) but will take it if available. They use your HOG member number.

The program options are the same as Road America. But to upgrade, you will need to get a new policy. The is an option to cancel the current policy with a prorated refund.

This roadside assistance is highly recommended even if you have other coverage. It is inexpensive and tailored to motorcycle needs.

If you have any issues or comments subscribing or renewing, contact Glen Oelrich, Assistant Lead Road Captain.