his weeks events – JOIN US

Speedo’s Mid Week Ride – Thursday March 21st
Hugs-n-Handshakes: 8:00am – 8:45am
Briefing: 8:45am
Leave: 9:00am
Location: SSM

Join Speedo and his mid-week riders as they ride off to parts unknown! This is a very fun, casual, and some would say unsupervised ride. We can be sure that it will be somewhere outside of the city and will involve food.

$$ Star Gazing Night Ride – Saturday, March 23rd
Hugs-n-Handshakes: 5:30pm
Briefing: 6:15pm
Leave: 6:30pm
Location: SSM

If you were not able to join us last year for the night ride, hopefully you can join us this year! So many bikes had colorful LED lights and we were quite a site to see. We will travel one of our favorite routes through the Valley of Fire and then follow the North Shore Loop of Lake Mead. A short but fun ride to
add 111 miles to your Ride 365 mileage challenge and check off a couple of RRHD Ride Challenge stops!!