Champion Riding Course RETURNS to RRHD !

 Champ Street Riding Course Returns
Back by popular demand, RRHD has invited Champ Street Riding Course to return for just 3 sessions.
Space is limited – Book NOW
$150 per session / per person

What’s Included
Street gear only.
Learn what Champions Habits, developed by racers on a track, will make all riders safer no matter how fast or slow they want to go or what road they choose.
This program will be in the parking lot and is designed to show riders how much more control they can have over their motorcycles to enjoy many years of safe and fun riding

As we said, you do not need track gear, only standard street gear (Helmet, jacket, boots, gloves, eye protection, long pants)

Book and pay for your session here:
Saturday – October 13th -8:00am – noon  Register
Sunday – October 14th – 8:00am  – noon  Register
Sunday – October 14th 1:00pm – 4:00pm – Register