Champ Street Riding Academy coming to RRHD

“The best way to make safer riders is to make better riders”
Champ Street Riding School is coming to RRHD on Saturday April 18th.
This is an advanced training class – must have motorcycle license and bring your own bike.

This is a great course to always learn and practice new techniques and improve your riding skills and improve your safety on the road.
* Proper Brake Technique at speed
* Compensating for lack of ground clearance
* Adapting to varying road conditions at speed
* Better control when pace is up and grip is low
* Raise your vision to look farther and ride longer

Fee is $200 per person
There will be two sessions:
morning class (8AM -12PM)
afternoon class (1Pm-5PM)

Limited spots available for each session – sign up today!
Must register here: